Friday, October 4, 2013

My Project

I actually decided this 2 weeks ago, but I have been very busy so I have been unable to update you. I have decided to work on Gaia Pacha's project entitled No Gracias, Tengo Mi Bolsa (No thanks, I have my bag). I am working on a variety of things within this project. I am currently creating four different designs for postcards that will be distributed to educate people about our campaign. I am also starting to design, find funding and plan a class to teach youth how to reuse plastic bags by fusing them.

I decide on this project because I felt like I could help out the campaign. I spent three years in high school on the environmental team (Green Team), and I spent a lot of time working on issues related to plastic. I also spent the past year working on a project about problems with plastic at the California Academy of Sciences. Although our final campaign was not very successful, I learned a lot about campaigns and plastics.

A side project I am doing is translating a web page for another project at Gaia Pacha. The project, Bosques Urbanos (Urban Forests), is creating green spaces in the Zona Sur of the city where due to rapid growth there was little to no urban planning. I decide to translate the webpage because I thought it would be good Spanish practice and it would allow me to find out some more about other projects happening at Gaia Pacha.


  1. You are doing awesome things, Helena! Love to hear about all of them. You struck a rich vein hooking up with your non-profit. Best in all your work.

  2. Hi Helena - Around California, one of the places where the impact of plastic bags is really obvious is at the landfill. Where it's windy, lots of bags "escape" and get caught on fences, shrubs, trees... it's ugly, and a photo tells the story. I don't know if it would be safe for you to go to the landfill where you are, but maybe a photo of the trees & fences downwind of the dump would make a persuasive postcard. (See the link below.) Might really annoy the landfill operators too. Be careful out there...

    1. Interesting! I will try to look into that. I actually have no idea where the dump is here...