Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Thanks so much for reading this blog! It means a lot to me! I just wanted to introduce myself before I leave. My name is Helena and I am taking a gap year, traveling to different parts of the world volunteering and enjoying myself. In less than 2 days I leave for Cochabamba, Bolivia. I also found out this weekend that I will be spending 12 weeks in South Africa and Botswana starting in April 2014. So far, I have a variety of things planned, but there is more to come!

A little about my trip to Bolivia:
I leave bright and early (well maybe not bright because the sun won't be up yet) Friday morning and I arrive in Cochabamba, Bolivia around 10 am eastern time on Saturday. (Bolivia is in the eastern time zone.) Cochabamba is the fourth largest city in Bolivia with a large urban population. It is at an elevation of about 8,500 feet, surrounded by mountains.

My whole trip was organized by the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD), which is based in San Francisco. While I am there I will be living with a host family, I will tell you more about them later. I will also be working for Gaia Pacha whose mission is "to create, propose, and implement feasible environmentally friendly solutions, based on local & scientific knowledge, to problems where human actions & decisions altered the harmonic natural dynamic between people and nature." Feel free to check out their website (which is in english and spanish) here.

I am very excited to arrive in Bolivia, meet the FSD site team, meet my host family and partner with Gaia Pacha.

¡Hasta pronto Bolivia!

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